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Teeth Cleaning recommended by clients

 Quoted by a Certified Veterinary Nurse, "I would go to an AAHA accredited hospital when looking for someone to clean your dog's teeth. You will typically spend anywhere between $450 and $650 on a basic cleaning depending on the size of your dog, how many extractions they need (if any), if they are going to require blood work (over the age of 5yo to 6yo then, yes), which if it were my dog, regardless of age, I would get the pre-anesthetic blood screening. That lets us know if your dog is a good candidate for anesthesia. I would absolutely 100% stay away from all anesthesia-free dental cleanings. It is extremely stressful for the pet, can be harmful, and does not address the actual problem at hand which is bacteria that sits under the gum line. You will pay $150 to $250 for someone to basically brush your dog's teeth. Good luck and thank you for being a great mom! Pursuing dental cleanings can expand the life of your dog, which is an amazing benefit to good oral hygiene!"

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Home to Heaven

Dr. Kathleen Cooney and staff of other veterinarians


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Dr. Robin Pongracz



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Dr. Mackey


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Dr. Ann Brandenburg-Schroeder



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Dr. Steve Sanderlan


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