Gift Card for Yourself,

Existing Client

Welcome back client! To purchase services in advance, simply log into your account on the "Client Log In" page and click on "Make a Payment". After payment has been made, that credit will stay in  your account until services have been provided. Once services have been completed, your service order will be invoiced, and the credit will be put toward the amount due. Thanks for your advanced payment to help us through this pandemic!

Gift Card for Yourself, New Client

We look forward to acquiring you as a new client and taking care of your pets soon! Please make sure that you live in our service area by viewing the map at our "Services" tab. You may also want to check on availability if you you have specific dates in mind. Once it is confirmed we can provide service for you, we can add a credit in any amount to your account.

Gift Card for a Friend,

New Client

Give the gift of caring for pets. Provide a gift card for your neighbor who is imposing on you to pet sit, or for that friend who is rushing home at lunchtime to let her dog out. Maybe you know of a pet owner who crates their dog all day without a break and could really use visits from us! Contact Melissa @ A Pet's Best Friend to set up a credit for that pet owner as a gift.